Tom Székely, P.E., LEED AP
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Here we describe the breadth and depth of engineering services offered, as well as advantages  provided, many of which are simply not available from more conventional MEP engineering firms.

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Services Offered:

* Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical (including lighting design), Plumbing, Sprinkler, Storm and Sanitary Engineering, from the site's property line to the most remote device or piece of equipment.  You won't need a separate engineer for site utilities and lighting.


*Engineering services from schematics through project occupancy, including administration of testing and balancing, and commissioning of systems.

*Surveys of, and reports on systems in existing buildings and structures, including testing and administration of  retro-commissioning services.


*Expert witness/testimony services.

We do between 30 and 50 projects per year, but since we take care not to take on projects whose milestones look as though they might become concurrent with ongoing projects, we rarely (as in almost never) ask for deadline extensions.

Unique Advantages:

*You will always deal with the principal of the firm. While, as a small (as in one person) shop, we (I) don't do complete skyscrapers or industrial plants, you'll never have to wait for an answer while I ask someone else.  No moonlighters here.


*Having to talk to no one but oneself, design coordination between trades is virtually automatic, as is presentation of that coordination in the Contract Documents. A single composite MEP drawing is prepared for each floor or area depicted on the corresponding Architectural drawings.  Each trade’s drawings are separately annotated reference copies of that single composite drawing, with the work of the other trades grayed out to match the architectural background.


*Live embedded spreadsheets are used for items such as fixture and panel schedules.


*Images of agency approval forms and letters, as well as photos of existing conditions, are embedded directly in the Contract Drawings as applicable.  This often makes authorities having jurisdiction over the work very happy.